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About Catherine

My name is Catherine Evans and I am an Artist & Designer, Crafter and Singer/Songwriter/Composer. Of Scottish-European descent and originally from the North of England, I now live in Thanet on the East Kent Coast with my husband, Dan, and our three cats Merlin, Arthur and Miss Robyn Guinevere.

I enjoy working with photography and a variety of mixed media, as well as textiles, candles, handcrafted unisex jewellery and other art forms that inspire me. I also collaborate with one or two artistic friends, including Yvonne Moore Artist & Crafter, who is based in south-west Scotland.

If you are local to my part of the world you can find more of my goodies at the Petticoat Lane Emporium, 47 Dumpton Park Drive, Ramsgate at pitch nos. 6 Oxford and 11 Coventry Streets.

I am one half and the main songwriter of the alternative duo ElectrickWytch here and also write experimental and meditation music for piano, synth and percussion. 

My bandcamp

Cat Evans Music


To read articles on my blog site, please click here

I look forward to serving you.


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